So what experience does METASYS have?

Catching the next wave has its challenges, but customers are always happy to be assisted in advancing their systems.

METASYS provides impartial independent consultancy services to clients requiring digital media software solutions.

The business was formed in 1994 at the start of the digital media era by one of the UK’s pioneers of digital imaging, Norman Milne who remains at the helm today.

Norman was an engineer with the Royal Navy, cross trained as an Air Traffic Controller before working in design and manufacture of Switchgear and Instrumentation.  

Subsequently he moved into Sales of Electrical and Electronic Components for  RS Components.  This involved presentations at all levels on specialist equipment.  

The late 1980's saw the newspaper industry starting to develop into using micro computer systems for page make up and one of the first changes implemented after that was using an emergent computer market (Apple and IBM) to replace previous systems at a lower cost.  The very start of desktop computing and early experiments with transputers and bus based computer systems. 

Digital picture transmission followed...  First from wet film stock and early adoption of scanning technology.  This meant a move in order to develop the UK Electronic Imaging division of Hasselblad   One of the pioneering world imaging businesses and early adopters of digital imaging.  

For over 12 years Norman was also Managing Director of what became the UK’s leading Digital Asset Management software suppliers.  METASYS  

The intent was to set up and develop  industry leading software from what was originally part of the team at Hasselblad.  FotoWare then accounted for extensive sales across the News Publishing and  Pro Photographic Industry

In the early days just a few systems developers could provide such a viable solution. 

After 12+ years, as a recognised industry sector expert and spokesman Norman found it increasingly difficult to represent just one brand within a now rapidly expanding sector, where it was obvious that certain clients would benefit from different software configurations.

It was inevitable therefore that he started another new business to service customer needs where an independent view could be offered so The Digital Asset Lab was born so as to avoid the overly restrictive contract from FotoWare

This decision  become fruitful and a number of pan European organisations have followed this lead away from a one product distributer model  

Norman continued to lead METASYS, recognised as one of the very few companies world wide offering independent expert advice in the digital media sector and in parallel developed another interest in an advanced telecommunication business.  

This Times Top 100 Tech Track business continues to grow at an industry leading rate.  As a shareholder and Non Executive Director he was proud to assist Exponential-e Ltd to become one of the leading players in the industry

Latterly Norman is formally retired but still involved in either advising clients on occasion or working within a team to navigate the complexities of village life and the impact of a much opposed and excessive development in the County of Rutland

Challenges, challenges.  Always challenges.  What is next?

Swim with a crowd isn't easy.  
Surfing is challenging and often rewarding.  Easy to get wrong too!

Swim with a crowd isn't easy. Surfing is challenging and often rewarding. Easy to get wrong too!

The somewhat boring technical stuff .....

METASYS provides an independent consultancy service to organisations and media rich individuals who need to organise and manage their digital media assets, plan and implement workflows, understand what software is presently available in the marketplace and what is on the horizon.

Clients want to pick our brains, using our expert knowledge to target an optimum solution for their budget rather than be ‘shoehorned’ into the wrong system by a software company.

Our associated consultants are specialists in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and all the variations such as - Video Asset Management (VAM), Media Asset Management (MAM) and Brand Asset Management (BAM).

Experts can help you with Digital Rights Management (DRM), Content Management Systems (CMS) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM).

If you need to migrate, scan, digitise, caption (add metadata) or convert media - we can point you in the right direction.

Our expertise and experience goes much deeper as we can advise on image workflows, colour management, print image management and e-commerce of digital media.

It costs absolutely nothing to phone or email us - we are all here to help you if you need advice about a digital asset management or a digital media solution and suggest companies to approach. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Complex National Newspaper Workflow

Complex National Newspaper Workflow